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28006 Madrid

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Traditional Basque-Navarre cuisine

Located in the centre of Madrid, in the Salamanca District, El Almirez is a traditional restaurant specialising in dishes made using seasonal produce.

With two dining rooms, one elegant and classic-style, like the district in which it stands, and the other in the style of a wine tavern, at El Almirez you will find delicious traditional Basque-Navarre-style home-cooking.

Our menu, made using only the finest seasonal ingredients, offers you typical Spanish cuisine with a touch of modernity. Our specialities include Pisto with Lightly Scrambled Eggs & Green Asparagus, Cod with Oil, Garlic, Peppers & Prawns (Ajoarriero), Veal &Ham Meatballs and dishes made with produce from the vegetable gardens of Navarre such as St. George’s mushrooms, borage, artichokes or haricot beans.

The importance we give to our wine is reflected in our extensive wine list, offering our diners 250 varieties, carefully selected by José de la Cruz (manager of “El Almirez”, who was awarded the “Best Sommelier” Honourable Mention by “La Luna de Metrópoli” magazine in 2006). We have some of the highest—profile wines in the world and a stimulating selection of champagnes.

Since El Almirez opened in 1998, we have worked non-stop to bring our customers, who have rewarded us with their loyalty and made us one of the most prestigious restaurants in Madrid, the highest quality dishes paired with exquisite service to delight the most demanding of gourmets.





Calle Maldonado, 5. 28006 Madrid ___Telephones +34 91 411 54 69 / +34 91 564 12 54

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