domingo, 6 de febrero de 2022

Porn and from the feminist point of view

 Porn and from the feminist point of view

A large part of society grew up with czechporn as a method of sex education. What we saw was sex without respect, more like the sexual fantasy one wanted to imagine. Today all that has totally changed and women practice sex as they want, making their bodies and themselves the real protagonists of the porn scene, no matter what kind of woman it is, that is, young or mature, fat or thin.

It is clear that a large part of society grew up watching porn and learned that this was their sexual education. Men learned to fuck as soon as possible and women learned to moan, to let themselves be carried away by the situation, to be dominated and to look as if they were enjoying themselves.

It quickly moved from porn magazines to websites like porno zeppelin and that put an end to sexual responsibility. No more taking precautions because no man was seen using condoms and women were not seen taking precautions either. That was sex without respect, sex of the man who was the one in charge, who was looking to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

The typical blonde woman, with big tits and dressed as a schoolgirl that a man notices her, makes a gesture and goes straight to penetrate her. The leadership position of the man with the biggest penis, the father who wants to fuck his son's young girlfriend, the older man who has a threesome with two hot women.

The truth is that thai pornos has created deception and false expectations, it has revalued the size of men's penises, it has intensified orgasms, all of this has caused women to experience a lot of stress.

All this caused women to spend a lot of time recovering, struggling, overcoming frustration and even some death. The real brain is something else and sex provokes sexual fantasies that not all women agree with, that not all bodies are to their liking, that the ways of practicing them are not desirable and all this has caused that the pleasures and desires of sex have been lost.

pornos russische entered the sexual world of people in such a strong way that it has been a taboo for many years, which has caused the porn industry to benefit a lot. It has been consumed in an incredible way and has not stopped growing. The majority of the people who consume it are men, which caused many women to watch lesbian porn more than anything else. But now that sexuality is changing a lot, there are many more varieties of porn, which makes it more accessible to both men and women. For example, post porn is a feminist movement that was created by a philosopher.

The purpose of post porn is to get into the world of normal porn and take it over in order to change the stereotype of the bodies that exist in the world of porn and to change the norms. It also proposes to change the narratives, aesthetics and the way it is distributed. Today there are feminist porn films that aim to make the woman's body the real protagonist no matter what woman she is, how old she is or what her physique is. The purpose of this is to achieve sexual freedom and that everyone enjoys it in their own way without humiliating women and not as they did before. A better and more discreet approach is achieved.